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Frequently asked questions

What is Mother & Baby?

Mother & Baby is a community of blogs that HELLO! Online have created to put parents, childcare professionals and baby experts in touch with one another. Thanks to their passion for parenting and childcare, the users of this community generate an exchange of information and opinions which offers a unique space bursting with tips, advice, parenting experiences and recommendations to all readers.

What do I need to do to write a blog for Mother & Baby?

To write for Mother & Baby you need to have a passion for parenting, currently write a blog or want to start writing a blog, and you also need to be willing to share your experiences with our readers.

How can I sign up?

To sign up to join Mother & Baby the only thing that you need to do is to fill in a simple online form and wait to receive confirmation from us.

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What advantages/benefits will I get from joining Mother & Baby?

By writing your blog as part of Mother & Baby you will start to form part of a community of blogs related to the world of parenting where you will be able to get in touch with professionals and other parents and exchange opinions, tips, advice and experiences. Additionally, by forming part of Mother & Baby and actively contributing to the community you can gain ‘badges’ for your posts and potentially win prizes for your efforts.

What are ‘badges’?

Badges are awards that recognise the number of hits your blog receives, the number of blog entries you have, the popularity of your blog (the most shared and commented-on blogs gain recognition), as well as the total of any other badges you have. When you receive a badge, your blog will stand out from the rest as it represents an achievement for the effort and work that has gone into creating the blog itself.

Currently the levels of Badges that we have are:

  • Nursery:

    As a beginner to our online parenting community, you will automatically start at this category. But do not worry, little by little you will be able to progress to the next level (Infant) thanks to your posts.

  • Infant:

    One step up from Nursery, you have become an Infant blogger. As a higher level it means you are beginning to show greater knowledge and ability, not only as a parent/childcarer, but also within our online community. You are going from strength to strength in the world of parenting blogging.

  • Junior:

    You have progressed to being a Junior blogger. You share interesting and useful parenting tips and, at the same time, you have become an important part of our community and create posts that are generally very popular. But still you have the final hurdle to jump - you are only one step away from being a Senior blogger.

  • Senior:

    Congratulations! You have achieved the highest level. Now you are a parenting expert, and what’s more you have become indispensable to Mother & Baby. You now start to have a considerable recognition within our community and you now have the privilege of choosing your rewards.

NB - Our team is currently working on developing new and different Badges that reward the effort and work of our bloggers.

What prizes can I win?

Apart from our badges, bloggers who are registered as part of Mother & Baby all have the opportunity to win various prizes, some in the shape of free baby/parenting products, family days out and other ‘virtual’ prizes such as acknowledgement for the work that has been produced and peer and user assessments.

How will my work be recognised?

Your work will mainly be recognised according to the number of visits that your blog gets, alongside any comments that readers and other users post on your blog and the number of blog entries you upload per month. Good blogs will quickly gain popularity and allow you to reap the rewards.

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